Write an ebook about travel

The table of contents TOC is a great place to outline your eBook. Some people equate the number of pages in an ebook to value, but this is a false assumption. In WordPress, I created two pages: But you need a list of places that will let you publicize your ebook.

Edit Editing is just as, if not more important than writing. It took me another two weeks to finish writing the author bio, introduction and chapter introductions. In effect, they prove that this location exists outside of their influence.

If the goals are surpassed, congratulations! You then know that your strategy is effective. I used a solid color behind the title in order for it to stand out.

How to Write & Publish an eBook and Sell It for Profit

Once your blog is up and running, you can post articles centered around the theme of your ebook, explaining in more detail its features, and provide a link to your landing page. This is where the written word can triumph over other media — while visual media can depict an exact, objective account of what a location looks or sounds like, it is less well-equipped to depict how being in that location feels.

With the right approach, you can write multiple successful ebooks.

Case Study: The Pros and Cons of Writing an eBook

Or were you already making mental notes as you were reading this? I had them organized on my computer, and ready to be posted in the two weeks leading up to my book release. To save time, I outsourced my project, and within about a week my blog was set up and ready to go.

There are many popular sites where you can post these articles, such as EzineArticles. Dictation software like Dragon Naturally Speaking prints out what you say. A giant Word document with online research Books from the library Notes from your interviews Each has their own purpose. By mixing your own research with several other sources you can create original content in record time.

One great strategy is to sell your book for a dollar or less. Write in easy-to-understand terms, and if possible, utilize real-life, first person narratives and examples. Since so many people document their travels, the currency of the genre has been diluted, and travel writers have to prove to the reader that their work is more than just an attempt to share glorified holiday pictures.

This can take a few equally valid forms. I decided to make the write an ebook about travel of my first ebook my travels in Kyrgyzstan.

This account will provide moments that would have been lost otherwise, and catalogue events which only reveal their true importance with later knowledge.

Of course, for writers who only reach a conclusion after their journey, it can be difficult to go back and characterize past adventures as part of this process.

Before you begin, think about these questions. There is only one catch: Also, if possible, get a popular blogger or multiple bloggers to write reviews of your ebook and post them on their websites.

Set Goals As with any business venture, setting goals to track your progress is imperative to the overall success of your ebook. Benefits of eBooks eBooks come with many benefits when compared to traditional printed books. This might sound strange, but all it means is that like many other genres, travel writing depends on character.

In addition to travel blogging, I work as a receptionist and have been paying for night school the past four years!

Include free content around the theme of your ebook on your website, and try to rank for keywords that will attract the right readership. Just grab as much information as you can. Decide what niche you want to target, identify their needs, and base the topic of your book on those facets. Length There are no hard rules when it comes to the length of an ebook.

Start pulling together photographs for the ebook a couple of hourswhich led to more ideas for content. They offer custom-made ebook covers with your choice of over 19 different templates.

For example, one of the best ways to promote your ebook without any costs is to use your Facebook page for marketing. I also hope this book will lead to further travel ebooks in a series. This lends credibility to your ebook. Mention your ebook within the article, and include links to your sales page or blog.Welcome to Travel Saturday.

This month I have finally achieved a long-held dream with the publication of my first travel e-book. My desire to publish an e-book is part of my dream of inspiring others to travel the world without fear. Why publish an ebook?

Contact friends, family, and colleagues, and offer them a free copy of your ebook. Ask them to write testimonials which you can use in your sales letter or landing page.

Also, if possible, get a popular blogger or multiple bloggers to write reviews of your ebook and post them on their websites. Travel writing books can no longer afford to be just detailed accounts of a trip – television has that covered – and travel blogging has changed the reader’s expectations for a travel narrative.

Good writing takes time. But it shouldn’t take too much time. So if you want to write faster, use the following method. It will cut your writing time by at least 50% without sacrificing quality. In one case this method helped me deliver a 30 page eBook on painting (houses, not canvases) in just two days.

As a travel blogger, I had writing experience, but had never compiled my writing into an eBook. I also loved that writing an eBook would cost nearly nothing, except my time. With plans to move to Barcelona, I needed to increase the income from my website to support myself.

Writing an eBook is a much different experience than writing a traditional printed-and-bound book, but writing an eBook can be a great way to jump into becoming a book author, and success with an eBook can sometimes help pave the way for more traditional book publishing.

Write an ebook about travel
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