Unit 10 nature in danger writing a book

The man about whom I told you works in the hospital. What can you see in the pictures? All are correct 4. By the end of the lessonstudents can ; - Understand the passage - Identify the main idea.

They often live in the forests, zoos or National Parks3. Reasons why natures is threatned: We cannot leave out whom or which here, and we cannot use who or that - In informal English the preposition can come after the verb or the object of the verb.

Tài liệu Giáo án tiếng anh 11 unit 10 nature in danger

As for me, I think cutting down trees for wood is the most importanct because II. Many things have been done to protect endangered nature, such as: The group that can say out the right word first will win the game.

The picture at which she was looking was beautiful. You are going to hear a passage about nationals parks in US.

Picture, poster, CD, CD player,lesson plan, board, picture …. We can also leave out the relative pronoun. English book 11, extra-board, a casette player- Students: In everyday speech we often use who Checking: This is a photograph of our friends with whom we went on holiday.

Guide to answer The man to whom I talked yesterday was very kind.

Popular Nature Writing Books

Four ways that people change the world are: Planting trees should be encouraged - Ask Ss to work in groups and in turn come to the board, matching the reasons in activity 1 with possible measure for protecting andangered nature.

What should we do to protect entertainment not be captured for forests?Unit mint-body.com- writing NATURE IN DANGER Lesson 4: WRITING Answer the questions Period: 63th Unit mint-body.com- writing NATURE IN DANGER Lesson 4: WRITING Island (n) Hòn đảo tropical forest (n) rừng nhiệt đới Coastal water (n) vùng nước ven biển Look at the facts & figures in the book.

Answer questions below.

Unit 10 lớp 11 Language Focus - Ngữ pháp Nature in Danger

TEACHING OF DATE CLASS IN DATE CLASS TOTAL OF STS 11A4 11A5 Period: 68 Unit NATURE IN DANGER WRITING I-Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to: understand the information about Cat Ba National park - Write a description of a location II-Teaching methods: integrated and mainly communicative.


Unit 1 Nature in danger - Lesson one: A - Reading

Objectives 1. Aim: Students learn to give the reasons and ways to protect the environment and nature.

Giáo án Anh 11 - Unit 10: Nature In Danger

UNIT 10 NATURE IN DANGER. PART A: READING OBJECTIVES: Aims:To help students know nature in danger and have the concept and importance of conservation.

I love nature writing, so to my mind, this is a grand book. All the great writers are here, with one exception: there is a signal lack of modern nature writers (last half of the 20th Century). Beyond that, the selection of great nature writers is first rate/5(5).

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Unit 10 nature in danger writing a book
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