Unit 1 p1 6 forms of

Keeping up to date with technology Keeping up to date with technology is very important as some of the technology might be crucial for specific objective or task.

Security Security such as anti-viruses and firewalls is the most important attribute in ICT Job related as it protects all the data from hackers or viruses. Employers value this skill as when employees are not organised, things often get lost as working place is not tidy which could make a lot of trouble for the company.

Employer should have confident employees as they could refuse to do any action because of fear or lack of confidence which could lead to a serious problem for company.

Dependable Being reliable and trustworthy. Health and safety Being sure of understanding health and safety guidelines such as overloaded sockets, adjustable Unit 1 p1 6 forms of, tiltable screen etc.

Employers want employees to have verbal skills as this is one of the most important skills that employee should have. Creativity Being able to use something original or imagination to create something unique. Using imagination to create something unique or original is very important as this is the thing that makes an employee stand out as the idea is completely new and different from others, which could be more successful or a complete disaster.

Having good numeracy skills is really important as often in a company any job that an employee is entitled to, needs to use at least basic numeracy skills. Written skills Being able to write. Employees need to know how to manage their time well as if they do not do that, everything that they are responsible for will be left to the last minute.

Employers value this skill a lot as an employee has knowledge about specific branch which he could use in order for the company to improve. Being a good leader is a very important attitude as team without a leader often fails as there is no one to lead the team.

If a person does not have verbal skill he will not be able to communicate with colleges from job or with customers in job such as cashier. Even buying newest technology makes a big difference in jobs related with technology. Independent A person that is not controlled by other or someones authority.

General attributes for any job Attribute Why do employers value this attribute Planning skills Being able to create a plan and covering every step in order to achieve specific objective.

Confident Feeling or showing confidence in abilities or qualities. Some of the equipment or softwares can be very crucial for the company and employer, this is why it is always better to keep up to date with technology. Good working procedure is a very important attribute as every employee should finish all of his jobs that he is entitled to and without any mistakes.

Leadership The ability to lead a group of people or organization. Time management Manage time in an effective way so everything is done on time and not in the last minute. Verbal skills Able to use oral communication.

Good working procedures Good working procedures means to complete all the work required on time and without any mistakes. Tolerant Being able to allow people different opinions or behaviour and not necessarily agreeing with it.

Numeracy Being able to count and add numbers. It is important for employee to have good planning skills as everything is planned step by step which means there are no misleadings and everything is done on time. Determined Making decision and not changing it or returning back from it.

It is important to speak with appropriate grammar. Problem solving Being able to find solution for difficult issues. Organisational skills Organise and coordinate activities effectively.

It is important that employees have excellent written skills because when they would not know appropriate grammar, they will make mistakes all the time which means they would have to re-do the task or correct it all the time. Every employee should know the health and safety procedure as without have any knowledge of health and safety, employees might damage their selves or get company into a lot of trouble.

Specific attributes ICT Job related Attribute Why do employers value this attribute Technical knowledge Skills and ability to accomplish computer related tasks or other technical such as scientific, mathematical or engineering.

Tolerant employees are very important as it is better to work in friendly environment than arguing with other employees or even employer.P1: Identify different forms of Communication M1: Describe different forms of communication.

One to one communication is when you talk to one person face to face about yourself. For example when you got to the doctors you tell them your problem and you be talking to the doctor only.

Unit: Unit 1 Developing effective communication in.

Level 3 Unit 1 P1 Essay. Words Jan 4th, 6 Pages. Show More. P1 - Describe the recruitment documentation used in a selected organisation Application forms are used by companies to help them in the recruitment and selection process. Many application forms are now completed online but it is still possible that an employer will.

Unit 1 P1 Employee Attributes Technical Knowledge An employer look for tecnical knowledge in an employee as it will make them more skilled at the job they are doing.

Unit P1, P Mark scheme The transfer of energy by heating processes Mark scheme 1.

(a) (i) silvered surfaces 1. more than the correct number of ticks in. Programming Unit 6 P1. No description by Matthew Howarth on 1 April Tweet.

Comments (0) they are good for websites and forms. An example of Event driven programs are Visual Basic and Flash, but they can be written in any computer program language. Programming Unit 6 P2.


Unit 1 p1 6 forms of
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