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He also makes two of the girls—Shonelle and Marcy—backup singers, and two other girls—Madison and Sophie—roadies.

School of Rock

At Horace Green, Rosalie does her best to keep everything running smoothly while greeting parents who come to drop off their children "Horace Green Alma Mater.

To please an enthralled crowd, the band plays an encore "Stick It to the Man Encore. In addition, he also appears to have experience with pyrotechnics. We see Dewey continuing to coach the students he previously played with, while Ned teaches beginner students.

Two weeks into his hiring, Dewey sneaks his key band members out of school to audition for a spot in the Battle of the Bands competition, while the rest of the class stay behind to maintain cover. Focusing on the talent of each child, Dewey slowly convinces the parents to see the band in a positive light until Patty and Ned burst in.

She is adopted by two men who are a couple, whereas in the movie she had her two biological parents. Their parents watch on from an empty box seat, and each of them slowly fall in love with the band and how amazing their children are. In another part of town, Billy is reading a Vogue magazine disguised as Sports Illustrated due to pressure from his father to take up football.

So they have to be theatrical songs too. The parents arrive, but are not allowed backstage by the security guards. With no food to treat his hangover, Dewey spends most of the day sleeping, leaving the students to run wild.

Although initially too nervous, Tomika begins to sing when others are not looking and captivates her audience "Amazing Grace. Ned intervenes to break up the argument. She asks to speak to Ned, saying that the school has an open substitute teacher position that will pay over nine hundred dollars a week—enough to meet the rent.

Because of that, Zack keeps a lot bottled inside and has issues with being too stiff with his guitar playing at first. Desperate for money, Dewey impersonates Ned and is hired. Mason counters that he is a role-model regardless of his name.

Zack on electric guitar, Katie on bass, Lawrence on keyboard, and Freddy on drums.School of Rock has been another go to movie for me for the last 7 or 8 years.

For me, this is an easy winner because I am a Jack Black fan and because I 91%(). The Rock School for Dance Education has developed a reputation as one of the nation's top pre-professional training programs.

The School's primary goal is to produce classically trained and versatile dancers, which The School has done for nearly 50 years.

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Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Watch the official trailer for the new comedy Instant Family, starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose theaters November School of Rock is now playing on Broadway and in London!

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Based on the cult film and with a rocking new score from Andrew Lloyd Webber, School of Rock follows slacker Dewey Finn as he turns a class of straight–A students into an ear-popping, riff-scorching, all-conquering rock band!

School of Rock () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. School of Rock offers a limited number of $39 rush tickets to each performance. Rush tickets can be purchased in person at the Winter Garden Theatre beginning when the box office opens each day.

Limit of two rush tickets per person, purchased by cash or credit.

The school of rock
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