The good side to mexican cartels

Mexican security analysts Alejandro Hope told AP news agency that the figure is based on the number of murder investigations opened last year, not the number of victims.

Various SWAT teams responded to the scene and hours later they were able to kill him. However, few realize that Mexican drug cartels are as ruthless and sadistic as Middle Eastern terror groups like ISIS with whom they actually have many tactics in common.

But it made me happy.

Mexico's most-wanted: A guide to the drug cartels

One of those kidnappings resulted in the death of a man who was not their target but, in fact, was an innocent man. Unlike the United States, though, Mexico has relatively strict gun laws.

The homicide rate in El Paso, Texas, for example, was a very low 2. The scandal was focused on the Border Patrol agent who was killed by those smuggled guns, but there was nary a word about how many Mexican civilians died by those weapons.

Since then, authorities have managed to identify and charge three of the hit men but they have not been able to arrest them. To be able to buy that system? There are some problems with this logic. It is like a Formula 1 race car driver who says: Drug shipments are often delayed in Mexican border towns before delivery to the US, which has forced drug traffickers to increase prices to account for transportation costs of products across international borders, making it a more profitable business for the drug lords, and has likely contributed to the increased rates of local drug consumption.

There were no large-scale high-profile military operations against their core structures in urban areas until the Mexican electionwhen the right-wing PAN party gained the presidency and started a crackdown on cartels in their own turf. That year, authorities recorded 22, homicides.

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Even worse, the same government institutions that work to keep firearms out of the hands of peaceful private citizens, are often in league with the cartels. It requires quite a bit of creativity to then take these facts and twist them into a narrative which concludes "too many guns in Texas leads to more Mexican homicide.

Indeed, some American border towns have low homicide rates, even by American standards. For another side of the drug war, why not read about the experiences of an undercover agent fighting the cartels?

And both groups are often in league with each other. He was wanted in connection with a drug execution in Texas. This is one of those issues that has no simple answer. It is increasingly connected to the global economy.

Drug cartel

It now has competitive elections in more than name only. They Are Responsible for Mass Casualties — According to confirmed murder statistics by the Mexican government, cartel violence has been linked to more thanmurders since It has to be at the cabinet level.Guzmán's latest arrest created a split within the Sinaloa cartel, fuelling rising violence in the region.

Mexican Drug War

On one side were Guzmán's sons, Iván Archivaldo and Jesús Alfredo. On the other side, his former associate Dámaso López Núñez, alias "El Licenciado", and his son Dámaso López Serrano.

Queen of Cartels: most famous female leader of Mexico's underworld speaks out

First of all, some history: We've had cartel problems in Mexico since Prohibition times. It started with small family beer cartels smuggling alcohol to the U.S. It started with small family beer cartels smuggling alcohol to the U.S. Jul 24,  · Cuevas worked for the Sinaloa cartel, Mexico's most powerful organized crime group.

Mexican Cartels ‘Absolutely’ Control the Southwest Border, Says Sheriff

He was in the transportation side of the business. Drugs were brought from Sinaloa state to Mexicali, Mexico, in bus tires. Nov 11,  · The Good Side to Mexican Cartels Essay at high risk of getting kidnapped or murdered by any cartel affiliated member.

Of course, the violence Even though Mexican cartels are depicted as being violent and prone to crimes, their cartel behavior indicates the “business-like” purposes behind what they do. An Instagram account gives a peek into what appear to be the opulent exploits of Mexican drug cartels — particularly the Sinaloa cartel, whose leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman escaped prison in July Jun 17,  · InMexican authorities raided the home of Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman who is believed to have supplied meth-precursor chemicals to the cartel, and discovered $ million, the largest cash seizure in history.

The good side to mexican cartels
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