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Stephen had been right to be cautious about Antioch. This was burnt to the ground, though many escaped according to one report.

I t covers religious matters from the rise to the fall of Constantinople i. Stephen persuaded the emperor, who was setting out on a rescue mission, that he could be no help and his army returned to Byzantium.

Runciman records page the Bulgarian Archbishop as speaking of the problems caused by so many extra people, but adds that his people were learning to cope patiently.

Litold, a Flemish knight was the first to set his foot on the walls. The French word croix meant cross, applying both to the crosses worn by the crusaders and of course, ultimately to the cross of Christ.

The First Crusade Essay Sample

The difference however is important, as crusaders were armed and as such the church considered them to be of special merit. He became ill so quickly that there was suspicion that he had been poisoned, but it seems more likely that he had typhus or something similar.

Some years previously the emperor, Alexius Comnenus had come into contact with Count Robert of Flanders and his knights and been impressed. Younger sons were usually only able to join the church or to take up a career as a soldier. They had perhaps never traveled more than a few miles from their home, but they set off believing that their faith would win the day.

It is no wonder with that facing them that men responded to the idea of fighting in order to receive eternal reward. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. It was an extension of the whole idea of pilgrimage.

There were attempts to control who did and did not go. The Bible describes Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey, but what the crusaders actually found was a country whose geography forced people to live in relatively isolated groups.

However most knights had already left by the autumn of They benefited from the frequent disputes between various Islamic factions. But the response, though not rapid was enormous. There is one report of a wife locking her husband indoors so that he could not listen to crusading sermons.

As a military leader he had proved to be both courageous and wise and had often acted as a buffer between the various factions involved.

A follower of Bohemond of Antioch recorded in how this report from the Bysantine church stirred up the people to make crusade. A whole cross section of western society of the time, in fact an undisciplined rabble made up a large number of the armies.

Once established in Jerusalem they set up a Latinate kingdom where they lived in luxury and obliged the local Christians to give up Greek rituals in favor of Roman ones.

Early in the morning of the 3rd of June the crusaders rushed into Antioch just as the Turkish army, led by Kerboga, came into sight. So why did the pope feel the need to make such a call to arms at this time and what was the response? He should have succeeded.

Most of the crusaders were poor folk, totally untrained in war.During the time of the first crusade, Anatolia, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt were all under Muslim control. But they were politically and, to some extent, culturally fragmented and hence this would have certainly contributed to the success of the first crusade.

First Crusade as a Response to the Church Reform in the 11th Century Critical Analysis of the FirstCrusade as a Response to the Church Reform in the 11th Century Introduction The Crusades, primarily, can be considered as the European nations’ responses to the Christian authority’s call for expeditionary war against the Muslims.

The main idea of the First Crusade was good against evil, in which the crusaders were on the good side and the Muslims and Jews on the evil side; after all they were the one who killed Jesus.

The two main leaders that called for the First Crusade were Alexius I, emperor of the Byzantine Empire, and Pope Urban II.

The First Crusade and the Ideas of Crusading Essay Words | 8 Pages. Contrary to many commonly held notions about the first crusade, in his book, The First Crusade and the Idea of Crusading, Jonathan Riley-Smith sets out to explain how the idea of crusading thought evolved in the first crusade.

The First Crusade Essay Sample. Literature on this subject abounds, some covering the whole Crusade period and in other works specifically dealing with just the First Crusade. There is so much material that only a portion will be included here.

The First Crusade - The First Crusade What was the cause for Western Europe to implement the Crusades.

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To answer this, we must go back the 11th century when the Seljuk Turks made their presence known in the east by .

The first crusade essay example
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