The factors influencing a voter essay

It is often said that social class is the key determinant in voting behaviour. Your ethnicity and religion affect voting behaviour to a great extent. An important source of political info for voters is through the media.

Therefore, it can be said that gender does have an effect in voting behaviour The factors influencing a voter essay it is to an extent. UK The UK is a largely populated place with many people who are opinionated in politics, so, voting is important to many people as they get their say in who should run the country, however, many factors influence and affect the voting behaviour of the UK voting participates.

The above essay has discussed which factors, affecting voting behaviour, are more important than others. The positive aspect of religion affecting voting behaviour is that if you have a religion, you are more likely to vote based upon what religion you are, many people of the catholic faith tend to vote for Labour, however, the negative aspect is that commitment to religion has dropped for many individuals, especially of the Christian religion.

Therefore it can be seen that religion does affect voting behaviour in a positive and negative way.

This means that religion does affect voting behaviour as the Christian religion has had the highest percentage in votes for Labour, out of all the religious groups but this is limited as they had a high percentage decrease in votes over the two elections.

Overall, all the factors affecting voting behaviour are no more important than the next. Therefore, it can be said that media has affected voting behaviour but to an extent as there are other sources of media affecting voting behaviour.

Traditionally, females tend to vote for the Conservative party, whereas men tend to vote for the Labour party since they tend to have Trade Unions as they use to work in harder conditions. Now that we live in a more modern world, more and more females are getting jobs and participating in elections.

The following essay intends to discuss what factors, affecting voting behaviour, is more important that the others. The positive affect that social class has on voting behaviour is that it is somewhat predictable as the social class voting pattern is seen to be constant, however, the negative aspect of social class affecting voting behaviour is that it produces class dealignment which is when there is a decline in the number of people voting according to their natural class.

This means that the factor gender did affect voting behaviour as there was an increase of female votes, but this is to an extent as there was no change among the male gender, for the Lib Dem party.

Voter Choice

The positive thing about gender affecting voting behaviour is that women are more affected by it and they are also considered to hold the key in who wins and losses in elections, however, the negative feature about it is that there tends to be less affect in voting behaviour among the male gender.

The success of age affecting voting behaviour is that older people are highly more likely to go out and vote than those in other age group as they tend to be more loyal to a party, however, the downfall is that the age group is the lowest voting age groups by a long way as they, traditionally, tend to have the lowest voter percentage than any other age group.

Therefore, it can be said that age does affect voting behaviour in the UK. In conclusion, no one factor is important than the other and they all have a significant role in voting behaviour. Therefore, it can be said that social class does have a positive and negative affect on voting behaviour, to an extent as other factors do also have an influence on voting behaviour.

Media plays a massive role in voting behaviour throughout the UK, whether it be old media or new media, overall, it is extremely influential as it is constantly surrounding us. The UK is considered to be a very religious country as it is majorly made up of the Christian faith.Essay Factors that Influence Development in Children UNDERSTAND THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE’S DEVELOPMENT AND HOW THESE AFFECT PRACTICE There are various personal factors which can affect the.

What Affects Voter Turnout Rates? Turnout varies greatly by state. In the Presidential Election, 76% of eligible Minnesotans cast ballots, whereas only 45% of eligible Hawaiians did.

Many different factors influence voter turnout levels. Comparing and Contrasting Voter´s Turnout Essay - 1.) There are many different models that describe voter turnout. The first thing to consider when comparing and contrasting voter turnout is what people tend to do when an election comes around.

People tend to be voters or non-voters. Factors Influencing Voter Turnout There are many factors influence voter turnouts in state and local government. Voting is a main forum that each American citizen should take to voice his or her likes or dislikes concerning our government leadership.

Many factors influence voters during presidential elections. The voter's background, party identification and view of the government's past performance are some of the important influences.

This lesson examines influences on voter behavior.

Factors affecting voting behaviour

Essay on What Factors Affect Voter Turnout and Election Results Words 5 Pages Voter turnout, as well as election results, depend upon and are effected by several different factors.

The factors influencing a voter essay
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