Teaching initial consonant clusters

You can download this for free. Have the students color all the blends with one color. Some of them occur at the ends of words.

All of these blends can be pronounced the way they are spelled. Before the lesson, write each L blend on the templates with the word endings.

They will feel the air coming out of their mouth when they are saying it correctly. There Teaching initial consonant clusters three different consonant blends in this one word.

The vowels… a e i o u make up the remaining sounds. Students and teachers just love the colorful graphics. How do we teach blends and digraphs? It is important to explain to your child that these ones occur mostly at the ends of words. Tell the students that the FL blend is at the beginning of the word flower, and point to the blend.

Reading and spelling are virtual opposites. You will be delighted at the progress they make. When you spell you put parts together to build words. I teach the ch sound by pretending to sneeze. Before I move on, let me take you back a step, just for a moment. For all learners, but especially for struggling readers, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is critical.

Give the students the option of writing more words with the L blend, such as glass, flour, clean, slide, and blue.

Initial Consonant Blends

The easiest and first ones to learn are the two letter blends which begin words. If you find it difficult to pronounce, say the word ring to yourself.

Have your students categorize the words according to their L blends. Because I love those blends and digraphs, I have quite a few activities within my TpT store. There are also blends which contain three consonants. Step 1 This is the way I teach consonant blends.

Teaching Blends and Digraphs

Just to show you how important consonant blends are, look at the word below. In a phonics program, there must be a logical order of introduction of skills.

I would suggest following the sequence presented in your reading series. Blending 2 Guided Lessons are a sequence of interactive digital games, worksheets, and other activities that guide learners through different concepts and skills.

Tell students that today they will be learning L blends. Personally, I believe teaching blends is a good idea as they are letters that frequently occur together so students are learning to recognize patterns in words. They will be aware that the blend is make up of two or three letters and will be able to break them up and put them back together again.

Blending Maths I introduce consonant blends to children this way. When teaching wh, ask your child to hold the palm of their hand close to their mouth.

Blends & Consonant Clusters

They love this as they often know of an older child, maybe a brother or sister, who does maths at school. Please know your work is so valued!! Twitch or touch your nose and smile as you pronounce it. Students need instruction where the teacher is providing precise directions for teaching the skills.

Thank you again for all that you do. If you are teaching an adult you can do the same thing. When they turn over a card and read the consonant blend, ask them if they can think of a word containing that blend. Struggling readers require additional guided practice in small groups and instruction must be differentiated to meet individual needs.

Some reading programs do not even teach blends as they are really two separate sounds.You can use this resource to teach 21 initial consonant blends: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, tr, bl, cl, fl, gl, pl, sl, sc, sk, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tw.

There are • Students will read initial and final consonant blends in closed-syllable words. • Students will spell initial and final consonant blends in closed-syllable words.

Beginning Consonant Clusters Worksheets

so students can discriminate between a digraph blend and consonant blend. • Teach students that certain combinations of vowels and blends make unexpected sounds in closed. Help your second grader improve her reading fluency by reviewing consonant blends, with help from this complete the sentence worksheet.

a new sequence for teaching consonant clusters. Another way of deciding this matter is to ask these questions: (a) "Which of the initial clusters are found in one-vowel words that are. If you need free activities for teaching beginning blends in kindergarten and first grade, these games are for you!

Children roll a die and check the key at the top. Then they move to the picture whose name begins with a particular blend. #phonics #blends #kindergarten #firstgrade.

The children are working on initial consonant clusters and must read the CCVC words to move around the board. This learning game also works on word recognition and improves sight vocabulary.

The children will get into pairs. The first child will start at the Pacman and will try to read all the words to reach the Teaching Cave logo.

The second.

20 Perfect Anchor Charts to Teach Phonics and Blends Download
Teaching initial consonant clusters
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