Sustainable supply chain management thesis

The students may like to study the effectiveness of the above practices in public sector and government organisations through qualitative studies involving in touch programmes action researchorganisational ethnography, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, and phenomenology.

The life cycle of each sustainable procurement project is defined and published. This research area requires a number of quantitative studies for investigating the interrelationships between practices and their Sustainable supply chain management thesis variables.

Hence, the practices and their corresponding factor variables in research areas A and B explained above can be combined in the same studies. Sustainable procurement life cycle planning, implementation, monitoring, control, and reporting 5.

Eliminating gender inequality 8. Economics of sustainable procurement 9.

Sustainability in procurement planning and inventory replenishment Exploring, adopting, and implementing global standards for protection of workers when exposed to harsh working conditions 7. Please visit our page on Multivariate Statistical Modelling and Analysis for further details on analysing and optimising the measurement constructs.

There are clear guidelines defined by DEFRA and UNDP on measuring sustainability in the entire raw materials acquisition, production, packaging, storing, transportation, and distribution life cycle operated by suppliers. Measuring and reducing greenhouse emissions that may be aiding the ongoing global warming and related climate changes 4.

Eliminating child labour The triple bottom line practices presented above form a representative set, which can be expanded through extended review of literatures.

Eliminating corruption and money laundering practices 9.

Keeping the variance of key performance metrics within the tolerance limits Environmental: Sustainability in third party and fourth party logistics management and in vendor managed inventory management Many more topics of sustainability in industrial engineering excellence can be added.

The economics area of triple bottom line model addresses this question to a good extent, but answers need to be explored in the environment and empowerment areas, as well.

Checking of and reducing the depletion of critical atmospheric layers 2. Exploring, adopting, and implementing global standards for handling of hazardous materials 6.

Sustainability in safety stock and forecasting management In the first part of this article, you will find many more research areas and opportunities that are still highly pursued in higher education in the field of supply chain management and its associated domains.

ISO series standards, OHSAS series standards, and many academic studies cover about sustainability in industrial engineering excellence.

Lean approach towards consumption of natural resources 8. Impact of sustainability on logistics costing such as lot quantity, inventory carrying, transportation and warehousing, and order processing costs 3.

However, there are many research topics related to industrial engineering in achieving sustainable logistics, which may not be covered in the triple bottom line framework studies under sustainable supply chain management. In addition, the research topics in sustainable procurement may be designed to cover the following: Performance measures, indicators, and performance measurement methods in product lifecycle performance assessment and sustainable procurement standards 3.

Another emerging area in sustainable supply chain management is "market-orientation of sustainability capabilities for achieving competitive advantages in supply chain management".

At PHD level, you may choose two independent and two dependent practices in your topic design. One may consider studying these practices and their variables separately through focus group discussions and interviews in qualitative studies or investigating their interrelationships through hypothesis testing and testing of structural constructs complex relationships models in quantitative studies.Sustainable logistics capabilities study is a part of sustainable supply chain management.

However, there are many research topics related to industrial engineering in achieving sustainable logistics, which may not be covered in the triple bottom line framework studies under sustainable supply chain management. Transportation Management Discovery CallDetermine Real Costs · Discover Inefficiencies · Proprietary Analysis · Using Your Data.

0 Less is more: an evaluation of sustainable supply strategies Less is more: an evaluation of sustainable supply strategies A case study on upstream waste prevention at the Damen Shipyards Group Berdien Fennema | February Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Damen Shipyards Group MSc.

Abstract of thesis entitled: Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Development: Perspective from Greater Pearl River Delta Submitted by Chung Sze Joyce Tsoi. SUSTAINABLE SUPPLY CHAIN: KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS THESIS this thesis is to: identify the key factors to evaluate when selecting suppliers, describe supplier selection approaches, define specific areas subject to performance evaluation and The supply chain management (SCM) has become one of the most important.

SUSTAINABLE MANAGEMENT OF FOOD SUPPLY-CHAIN RESOURCES IN NEW YORK STATE By Jacqueline H. Ebner A Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment.

Sustainable supply chain management thesis
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