Strategic management for zara

This had affected the quality of sales and productivity.

Unlike the rival companies, the company had attempted to handle the requirements of the clients in the best possible manner. Zara stores were owned by the company, and this had made the difference.

This suggests that the competitive rivalry is increasing rapidly within an organisation such as Zara need to look towards establishing themselves with a competitive advantage during these difficult times, with particular reference to the fact that the buyers have a large amount of power, yet costs are critical to the situation, as there are economic pressures on the industry, as a whole, in the wake of the global international crisis.

This makes it hard for the smaller new entrant to compete, from a price point of view, but still allows them to offer unique designs, which may then give them access to a market that which would otherwise be closed. Buyers demand continuous change, particularly within the fashion industry; therefore, it is necessary to continuously provide new and innovative fashions, on an on-going basis.

This will help in implementing the changes that are considered to be essential for introducing the changes.

Customers now have wide access to a broad range of retailers, with internet purchases extending this even further. Through the business plan, it is possible for the companies to improve the sales, which is done after analysing the risks involved with the process.

Given the higher level of competition that is now being experienced within the fashion industry and when combined with greater legal protection, particularly where the protection of intellectual property is concerned, the individual designers are becoming very protective of their own ideas from the threat that the competition will seek to copy.

Understand the holistic nature of strategy and apply analytical techniques to solve complex problems in real life organizations. For this, the management has planned and introduce continues business development process. In this method, the strategic changes related to the business development have been introduced after analysing the challenges involved with the environmental dimensional factors Christiano et al.

Therefore, this reduced timeframe for bringing new designs onto the market is a real strength of the organisation and keeps the ideas fresh in its stores, to such an extent that consumers will be regularly revisiting and restocking their fashion items.

Within this period, the products are also launched into the market. The needs of the customers have been changing due to the availability of different products in the market, and economic crisis. Simply put, it is argued that Zara needs to continue to do what it is doing, currently; however, it needs to do it better, with greater emphasis being placed on ethical behaviour, meeting customer demands for new and innovative fashion, while at the same time retaining low-costs, across every aspect of its operation.

For this, the management has been working towards rendering the best possible services, through which the clients could be provided with the best options. For this, the changes and production activities are planned and introduced in the right manner. Back in August a television programme in Brazil accused the organisation of using sweatshops in order to produce its products through outsourced services.

How strategies helped the management to increase the profit? For this, the management introduced innovative production strategies which also included improving the supply change management system.

Zara not only has access to product designers that enable it to produce desirable high-street fashion, at low prices, but it also has a strong supply chain in place which enables it to bring new products to the shop floor, within a time frame which is four months quicker than its competitors can achieve.

With the help of the value creation process, the management of the company could develop and implement changes that are associated with the promotional activities for the company.

Demonstrate knowledge of the strategic decision making process through critical analysis of how strategic decision making enables an organisation to relate to its global business environment.

In this method, the input is taken in the form of capital, which is necessary for the business expansion.Strategic change management Marks and Spencer Profile: M&S is well-known for both its quantity basis clothing comes in most colors, sizes and styles as well as its quality particularly in the Food Hall, where the produce is often considered superior to that in many super markets.

Strategic Analysis Pulling together both the external and internal factors impacting on Zara as an organisation, it is then possible to establish a strategic plan for the future, in order to ensure the ongoing success of this substantial fashion retailer.

Zara has been able to expand the business activities into the international market, due to the strategic planning and implementation of new business plan.

With the help of the value creation process, the management of the company could develop and implement changes that are associated with the promotional activities for the company/5(14K).

Zara has been in market since two decades and has developed its brand image in shoppers. moreover he mentioned that this would be the strategic target for the main objective is to ensure delivery of product to end-user at reasonable prices and providing consumer satisfaction.1/5(1).

Zara has al lot of competitive advantages, like his ability to satisfy the consumers needs and demands of quality clothes, Zara has an effective system for her distribution, he creates a huge turnover, doesn’t have a high inventory, and Zara’s culture wants to have a good relationship with the employees to have a good working environment.

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A Case study of fashion giant 3/5(2).

Strategic management for zara
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