Should hong kong bid to host

Mr Tsang noted that there were diverse demands in society for more public resources to address problems such as poverty and environmental protection.

The Summer Olympics are too big to have in one place. The public are welcome to send their views by November 3 Wednesdayeither in writing to the Home Affairs Bureau or through on-line forums. Tom Jenkins for the Guardian Cricket wants to be an Olympic sport.

Imagine if they continue to grow or have to toss out a sport like Should hong kong bid to host to accommodate something newer. The Atlanta Olympics sent many athletes to the University of Georgia in Athens not Greece, but still 70 miles away. Mr Tsang appealed to the public to give their views during the six-week consultation period.

Other cities could be worse off. And candidate sports — baseball, softball, skateboarding, cricket, karate, etc — would have an easier case to make. He said "Based on these three strategic directions - Sports for All, elite athletes and making Hong Kong the place for major sporting events, we have formulated a series of measures.

According to the estimation by a consultancy firm engaged by the Government, about 10, to 11, jobs would be directly or indirectly created, and some 49, to 69, tourists would be attracted to Hong Kong, based on past Asian Games experience.

And spread the joy. Rugby players could greet newly crowned cycling medalists. The Olympic Council of Asia requires that the formal bid document should be submitted by the National Olympic Committee by January 30, For example, we achieved very encouraging results in the East Asian Games last year.

London has reversed the trend with a charming Olympic Park and many venues still in use, but a few plans have not yet come to fruition. Cities could bid to host some sports but not others. On the contrary, these policy objectives are complementing one another. If the IOC really wants to spread the Olympic spirit more globally, another solution is needed.

Golfers could putt for gold and then take in an early round of basketball. They could also host early rounds of other sports, reducing the number of athletes traveling to the final Games and the number of venues needed. Abandoned Athens Olympic venues, 10 years on — in pictures Read more Realistically, only a handful of places in the world have the economic power and the steady stream of tourists to keep Olympic venues hopping after the Games.

The Government will also need to ensure that the venues are of a suitable quality and capacity to stage an event of this magnitude, as well as to plan for the hosting of the Asian Para Games shortly after the Asian Games. The Los Angeles Tennis Center also would be flooded for water polo.

Not Hamburg, which rejected a bid in a referendum in November. That philosophy even spread to the Winter Olympics, where Sochi organizers built a cluster on the coast and a cluster in the mountains, all amid skepticism that either venue would be well-used after the Games.

The concept was well-received, particularly among cranky journalists who were happy to spend less time on wayward buses, but it set a difficult precedent. We may now consider requiring a public body to take charge of planning, building and managing these units, he said. But the Olympics are already split up in a few places by necessity.

The preliminary events would have the entire Olympic competition for some sports requiring specialized venues — track cycling, golf, canoe slalom, etc. Much of the construction simply became part of college campuses at Georgia Tech and Georgia State.

The Olympics are too big for one city to host. It's time to share the joy

In a given year, a city with a nice velodrome, golf course and pool could bid for track cycling, golf and the early rounds of aquatic sports. Some are simply gates hung in rivers. Athens, on the other hand, has left a patchwork of legendary eyesores.

Instead, the Olympics should spread the burden. Share via Email Why not have cycling, golf and swimming in one city — and shooting, equestrian and modern pentathlon events in another? Baseball and softball fields, if the sports can talk their way back onto the Olympic program.

So everyone wants to be in the Summer Olympics.

Calls for Hong Kong to better protect LGBT rights as city wins bid to host 2022 Gay Games

But each sport also could get more attention. Each host city would still be able to give a bit of the serendipity that gives the Olympics its charm. The latter is mainly required for temporary works on existing facilities and upgrading works to bring proposed new venues up to Asian Games standards.

Hong Kong to Host 2024 Lawn Bowls World Championship

Beijing simply walked away from many venues, not bothering to tear down structures such as the beach volleyball stadium that was supposed to be temporary.

The final city really could build an Olympic park or simply use existing venues. No one has suggested building an artificial sea in the middle of an inland city for the sake of the sailing events.Compendium of Public Consultation on “Should Hong Kong Bid to Host the Asian Games?” On 21 Septemberthe Home Affairs Bureau launched a public consultation exercise to gauge the public views on whether Hong.

The Olympics are too big for one city to host.

Hong Kong ponders hosting 2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens with Kai Tak stadium at heart of bid

It's time to share the joy Photograph: Tom Jenkins for the Guardian inthey were in Hong Kong, roughly the equivalent of. HONG KONG—After more than 12 months of intense preparation and lobbying, Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association (HKLBA) has successfully won its bid to host the World Championships in Hong Kong in.

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong will host the Gay Games, fighting off bids from cities in the United States and Mexico to become the first Asian city to stage the sports and cultural event.

Hong Kong to Host Gay Games as LGBTQ Acceptance Grows in Parts of Asia. Hong Kong will host the Gay Games, fighting off bids from cities in the United States and Mexico to become the.

Hong Kong to host 2022 Gay Games as LGBT acceptance grows in parts of Asia

On the back of these development plans, any Hong Kong bid would face stiff competition from these countries should they seek to host the event.

“Personally, I am very excited about the

Should hong kong bid to host
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