Research paper website evaluation

The examination of software evaluation can add insights into website evaluation as there are many Research paper website evaluation within the two mediums.

Technology Consultant for Regina Separate Schools. As technology improves and the Internet is capable of performing more functions, the evaluation procedures of software and website may become one in the same.

Websites are also becoming a medium in which students can convey their knowledge of a subject.

There are many issues that surround website evaluation and it is important that education develops strong models and checklists. There are many issues that have and will effect how material is delivered via the Internet. These standards are very important and the development of an electronic repositories.

Online Guide to Writing and Research

Retrieved March 14,from http: A credibility checklist can help educators know what to look for to make sure any website used does not provide contradictory or even discriminatory information and enable students to think more critically of the work of others and work they publish on the Internet see appendix L for credibility checklist.

A high level of expertise was shown in choosing navigational display and overall arrangement of graphics and background images.

What is the name of the site? Retrieved March 14, from http: Contact information and site development information were present in the website. YES Does the page take a long time to load?

A person with appropriate qualifications to write the particular document might be more credible than a person who does not Burnett, Retrieved March 01,from http: Are there photographs or sound files on the page?

An implementation plan was created and a lesson was posted with this website being used for instructional purposes see Appendix F for online lesson sample. It is at this point that a recommendation will be passed. This is a critical point in the evaluation, as the website must meet instructional expectations and engage the learners.

The marketplace forces publishers to be selective as well. Whether a teacher is evaluating a website for instructional purposes or evaluating student work, he or she must be diligent when checking for invalid content such as plagiarism and biases.

Any resource—print, human, or electronic—used to support your research inquiry must be evaluated for its credibility and reliability.A research paper is an expanded essay that presents your own interpretation or evaluation or argument. When you write an essay, you use everything that you personally know and have thought about a subject.

Website Evaluation Paper Learning Team B was assigned a Virtual Organization website to redesign called City of Kelsey.

What is a Research Paper?

Team B had to evaluate the use of design principles within the City of Kelsey site. Through the process of evaluation and redesign, Team B also suggested recommendations for. Website Evaluation The current NVCC website has much to offer for students.

However, there many improvements that could be made to enhance the website. Through the use of webpage templates that standardize layout, color, font size, and navigation, the website can be drastically improved to increase student interaction.

Evaluation Research Evaluation research provides a study that is based on systematically evaluating a program, action or policy. Types of research that Paper Masters does includes evaluation research for any type of graduate level or undergraduate level research project.

Website Research: Evaluating Example Websites

Content, except the Appendix, based on Jim Kapoun's "Teaching undergrads WEB evaluation: A guide for library instruction." C&RL News (July/August ):. When you use the print and multimedia materials found in your college library, your evaluation task is not so complicated because librarians have already established the credibility and appropriateness of those materials for academic research.

Research paper website evaluation
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