Peaceful rest motor lodge case study

They are also a top choice among its competitors that also match the profile of the research done by the tourist bureau. Choosing to franchise with Days Inn will position his motel actually to have a marketing strategy that he lacks as an owner.

Choosing a franchise agreement is a decision that will offer the owner the benefits and brand strength necessary to survive the trending market.

Considering the low cost of purchase, Tristan can have low-cost rooms to meet a tighter budget. A viable weakness is that the lodge has limited amenities.

In choosing a vacation, spot customer not only wants the facility to meet their needs they want it to exceed their expectations, none the less for the best price.

Both chains are at some point in the negotiation process are going to require substantial investment cost and upgrades to the facility. When a consumer is faced with a brand that they do not know in an area that they are unfamiliar, they will most likely choose what they are familiar, and others have used and reviewed.

Customer based brand equity: They encompass over hotels with over The next area of weakness is the lack of advertising that the owner is choosing to utilize.

Here is a profile for a typical holiday inn: In conducting the SWOT Analysis, the majority of the critical issues are the within the confines of the weakness and threats. Branding within the hotel industry is no different. It is a near impossibility in some industries to compete with large chains that have the financial ability provides for their clients whatever they wish.

The decisions that Tristan is left with is choosing a franchise company. Consumers look for key risks, perceived benefits and costs when making their purchases. Many hotels also have restaurants, pools and meeting rooms.

Revenue per available room. While there are some larger hotel chains in the area determining whether a holiday in or a days inn is in his best interest.

Franchising Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge Essay Sample

When reviewing the market research provided by the tourist bureau we can capture the market a little better to determine which company to choose. Holiday Inn Brand pp.MKT 01 and 03 W Marketing Management Web Enhanced-Web Based classes SUMMER II Professor: Dr Case 1- Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge Case Study 1 Due Work on Team Marketing Plan Week 4 Chapters 14 & 15 Chapter 16 Case 2 – Bright Light Innovations Case Study 2 Due Work on Team Marketing Plan Chapter 17 Week 5 Chapters 18 & 19 Team.

Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge: Case Analysis The present operation of Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge is losing money and the occupancy is below the industry average despite the low price. Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge: Case Analysis The present operation of Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge is losing money and the occupancy is below the industry average despite the low price.

Tristan Knaus must decide between making minor changes in the operation or joining a motel chain such as Days Inn and. Case 1 Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge For Triston Knous it has been a hard task of growing his business past the point of the initial startup stage.

A lack of. With the case of Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge, there are show more content Their brand essence is “Stay Smart- Express offers pragmatic, honest value so our guests feel smarter for choosing the brand” (Zeigler, ) Holiday Inn offers in their franchise agreement that they provide several added amenities that the current owner is unable.

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Case 9: Peaceful Rest Motor Lodge This case describes the typical

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Peaceful rest motor lodge case study
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