Mercedes benz product mix

It has made a significant impact in the field of automobile industry. The 4matic and BlueTEC is one of the best technologies till date. The places where Daimler is targeting its product is not restricted to one country.

Maybach are premium cars offered by Daimler. They believe in their brand value which is generated over the years and is considered as one of the best.

The success of the company is not an accidental one. Also it organizes various drives like the International driving platform, Luxe drive, etc.

Daimler has left no stones unturned to make itself visible in this competitive industry. Also apart from dealing with new cars, Mercedes also deals with pre-owned Mercedes through its Mercedes Benz certified portfolio.

We find that the promotions are done through adds. In India, Mercedes has over 80 dealerships across the major metros and cities. Mercedes benz product mix the price of the vehicles are high and also because of the features which they offer. Let us start the Mercedes Benz Marketing Mix: It is a mix of hard work, patience and most importantly the excellent strategy of marketing.

Daimler Marketing Mix

The company has targeted a niche segment of people and because of that the places of the availability depends on the market research.

It is into cars, bikes, trucks and bus. Also it has its RnD center located in Bangalore. Its headquarters is in Stuttgart, Germany. Daimler is now trying to venture into the potential markets like India so that the customer base is increased.

Daimler is also one of the oldest manufacturer of the luxury car segment. The company also promotes its brand in the F1 races and the MotoGp.

Being in a niche segment of vehicles we find that Daimler cars are fairly priced when taken into the consideration of the customer base. For the buses we find that they include the variety of urban buses, touring coaches, Mini buses and chassis.

But it is stagnant almost all the time around this range. Thus the market price vary globally according to the exchange rate. Mercedes Benz India was started in with its headquarters in Maharashtra and has emerged as a pioneer in the Indian luxury car market as they marked the beginning of the Indian luxury car market in India.

Globally the price of the products are varying. They are reducing the price of the vehicles so that they can breach the customer barrier. Let us start the Daimler Marketing Mix: Mercedes Benz has always been an aggressive promoter.

This makes them reach the customers more and is a great source of promotion to the worldwide customers, depicting the performance and the service which the brand offers to its customers. One of the strongest points of Mercedes is its products. Mercedes Benz is a premium priced luxury car brand.

The company has its units all over the world.

Mercedes Benz is one of the leading premium car brands in the world. The company has a diversified profile. However, the strongest in its product portfolio will be the luxury car segment which consists of Sedans, SUVs and sports cars as well.

They thus price their products accordingly. Mercedes Benz is a German automobile manufacturer that deals in luxury cars, buses and trucks. The company has its manufacturing unit all over the world and thus they make sure that their products are available almost all over the world.

The marketing mix promotional strategy of Mercedes Benz uses all media channels like TV, print, online, billboards etc.The Mercedes-Benz premium brand offers you a wide product portfolio - from compact to luxury vehicles.

Mercedes Benz Marketing Mix

And the variety continues to grow: in the coming years, Mercedes-Benz will expand and renew its range of vehicles in all segments. Marketing Mix of Daimler analyses the brand/company which covers 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and explains the Daimler marketing strategy.

Product category for Mercedes Benz A further analysis is required of which category Mercedes Benz cars fall into. This will aid in further assessing the marketing strategy utilised by Mercedes and its relevance to the product segment offered by Mercedes. "Elegant, reliable and durable" is the aim of Benz (Mercedes-Benz products, ).

In this paper, I have explained Mercedes-Benz's advertisement how to use market segmentation and market mix to sell more products. Mercedes benz marketing (stp) 11, views. Share; Like; Download Vikram Gujral.

Follow MARKETING MIX (4P’s) Product Price Place Promotion Product: Mercedes-Benz has always been associated with the world class brand for cars and has remained as one of the leading brands in the indian market, that too far for more than 50 years.

Product specialists mix with guests to share information and insights about the Mercedes-Benz brand. And since the center is based in the heart of Chicago’s retail corridor, guests will find.

Mercedes benz product mix
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