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Clark joined the military inLewis ans clark expedition essay resigned his captaincy in in order to attend to family matters. Fatigue and hunger were common as well, as were the constant battles with ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes, which were often so numerous that the men could not keep them from getting into their eyes, noses, mouths, and ears.

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In conclusion the over major achievements of the expedition have been discussed in the paper. Language barrier is one of the major hindrances to the modern day socio economic and political development of many nations around the globe; this was the same challenge that faced the explorers more specifically in their quest to understand the cultural, social and economic practices of the American Indians and build a relationship with them.

American term papers Disclaimer: Constructing Fort Clatsop on the Pacific Coast, the expedition wintered there, aided by the Clatsop and Chinook Indians, who counseled the company on when critical food supplies might arrive on foreign ships and on the locations of elk herds. Appropriate references will also be given in the paper and in conclusion, it will give a brief summary of the important points that would have been discussed in the course of study.

The Corps told the tribe their plans of leaving but Yellepitt asked them to stay one more night and they agreed to. To the Native Americans, it was the beginning of an end. The United States of America was better positioned to claim the Oregon territory which was yet to be occupied.

It is also noted that there was a time when they explorers got lost and had to retrace their steps before finding the correct path. Some of the tribes greeted them with gifts, while others greeted them with immediate violence.

Economically, America opened its doors for business with the nations in the west, this also was boosted the positive ties that the nation established with the American Indians. The reason for this being in the ancient days most corners of the earth were not occupied and exploited and it is for this reason that most explorers "competed" against each other in order to discover the unexploited territory.

Some supplied them with food others with supplies and others with valuable information. But before there was a big chance of war the Corps decided to leave sooner than anything threatening to their safety could take place.

The tribe believed that their ancestors climbed form beneath the earth by means of a grapevine. Clark, however, lived long enough to witness the great tide of Americans heading west and the subsequent upheaval of the native population.

Paraphrasing the various journals into a continuous account, Biddle gave the public a narrative of the expedition framed as a glorious western adventure.

Louis, they followed the Missouri River through what is now Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, finally reaching a site they named Fort Mandan in present-day North Dakota, where they prepared for their first winter.

His Indian diplomacy, for the most part, had failed—the immense tribes of Sioux and Blackfeet were still hostile to the U. There were about 2, people in all of these villages combined. On their journey, they lost only one man.Free Essay: Great expeditions have been made for many years; however, one of the best expeditions was the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Although Lewis and. The Lewis and Clark Expedition Essay Words | 5 Pages. However, it was unknown what was out there.

Jefferson planned an exploratory expedition and called upon Meriwether Lewis to lead it.

Lewis and Clark

 The Expedition of Lewis and Clark Anthony Price 1/13/14 NIC History Long before Thomas Jefferson was the President of the United States he had aspirations to know what was beyond the Mississippi River.

The purchase of the Louisiana Territory from the French in opened the door to President Jefferson’s opportunity to send explorers across the continent.

The Imperialistic Side to the Lewis and Clark Expedition Essay The Imperialistic Side to the Lewis and Clark Expedition () History Professor xxx January 13, Lewis and Clark introduced America to the western American Indian, and vice versa.

Lewis and Clark Persuasive Essay Expedition that started in May,was an important milestone in the American history. It was headed by William Clark and Meriwether Lewis and commissioned by President Jefferson.

During their expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark Met and Encountered many different Indian tribes. Since Lewis and Clark met so many tribes they decided that they would greet every Indian tribe the same way. Some of the tribes greeted them with gifts, while others greeted them with immediate violence.

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