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Its atomic number is 26 and its atomic weight is See iron poisoning below. Clinical signs are pallor, dyspnea, edema of the head and a secondary diarrhea. A great loss of blood, such as may result from bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids, or injury, is the most common cause of a deficiency of iron.

It provides steel which is the basis of all Iron essay. Iron is lost by desquamation of skin and intestinal cells. It may also occur in infants, since milk contains little iron. Apart from its use in the construction of chemical plant, iron and some of its compounds are vital in certain chemical processes.

Iron salts and complexes, including ferrocholinate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate, and iron dextran, are used to treat iron-deficiency anemias.

Elite and recreational athletes undertaking hard training have a higher requirement and turnover of iron than less active people and quickly deplete iron stores which if untreated can lead to iron deficiency anaemiaseverely impairing aerobic performance. Transferrin binds to red blood precursors in the bone marrow and delivers iron for incorporation into hemoglobin.

Iron ore has unique importance in the modern world. Its iron content is usually between 20 to 30 per cent. Small amounts are present in the plasma, carried by the protein transferrin, and it is stored as ferritin in liver, spleen and bone marrow.

Asymmetry of the hindquarters in pigs is also recorded as a sequel of intramuscular injections of iron. Depletion of iron stores may result in iron-deficiency anemia, and various salts or complexes of iron are used as hematinics, including i.

It has been worked since pre-historic times. Iron preparations, such as ferrous sulfate, may be necessary in the treatment of iron deficiency anemia ; they should be administered after meals, never on an empty stomach.

Bore water often contains significant levels of iron and when used for fish culture in dams may cause mortalities. Iron ore smelted in a blast furnace with coke and limestone becomes pig iron, the raw material from which cast iron, wrought iron and steel is made.

The iron is bound to transferrin for recirculation. The remaining iron is in the respiratory enzymes of somatic cells.

Without it, there would be no railways, steamships, or machinery.Essay on Manufacture Of Iron By Blast Furnace Process - Manufacture Of Iron By Blast Furnace Process Iron is a naturally occurring element in its ore form (Haematite), however for iron to be of any use the impurities must be removed.

- Iron deficiency anemia is a secondary result of hemorrhagic anemia’s, as well as resulting from inadequate intakes of iron containing foods and impaired iron absorption (Marieb, Hoehn ).

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According to Iron-deficiency anemia treatment from Heart, Lung, and Blood institute (), treatment for iron-deficiency anemia: certain treatment for iron-deficiency anemia will be determined by your doctor based on: age, overall health, family and personal medical history, severity of the anemia, cause of the anemia, your opinion or preference.

Iron Ore: An Useful Essay on Iron Ore! Iron is a basic mineral and the most useful of all the metals. The success of almost every industrial enterprise depends upon the extensive and efficient use of machinery and other economic equipment made wholly or in part from iron and its alloys.

Iron ore has. Iron is the cheapest, most useful, most important, and the one of the most abundant metals on the earth.

Iron Ore: An Useful Essay on Iron Ore

When heated up to high temperatures, iron is very malleable, and is used in jewelry and it is used to make many large structures, such as sky-scrapers.

Iron essay
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