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These are the some ways to reduce the breeding habitat to lower mosquito populations. What is the main cause of dengue? Break bone Fever — the terms used by Benjamin Rush in Dengue. The following are important: However, serious problems can develop.

Dengue fever is transmitted by Aedes Aegypti mosquito, which also transmits diseases as yellow fever. People who just have the febrile stage of dengue fever, and never go into the critical phase.

Mosquito repellant is recommended for those areas where dengue fever is endemic. Continuous high fever with break on fourth or fifth day usually lasts days. Chikungunya is a similar viral infection that has many of the same symptoms of dengue, and happens in the same parts of the world.

Sometimes the fever gets better, and then comes back.

Info About Dengue Essay

This makes very bad bleeding much more likely to happen. This is actually a sign of bleeding into the stomach. They get better on their own or just need basic medical help. Dengue fever is an infectious disease carried by mosquitoes and caused by any four related dengue viruses. Careful monitoring of blood pressure 6.

If sleeping areas are not screened or air conditioned, use mosquito nets. Dengue fever usually starts suddenly with a high fever, headache, pain behind the eyes, and pain in the muscles and joints.

Every part of the body needs these things to survive. Dengue in the Philippines 3.Their approach is hence replicated below for the dengue case to parse the effects of dengue on income levels.

We will write a custom essay sample on Info About Dengue specifically for you for only $ $/page. In these locations, the dengue fever arbovirus is endemic, meaning that the virus naturally and consistently lives in that location.

The Study About Dengue In The Philippines Essay Sample

The disease only shows up in the United States sporadically. In order to understand how dengue fever is transmitted, several terms need to be defined.

Dengue fever

The word “host” means an animal (including a human) that [ ]. WebMD explains dengue fever, a painful, debilitating, mosquito-borne disease that is common in the tropics. When I researched for the history of dengue fever I came to know that Dengue was known from the days of WW2.

It has been the cause of many deaths since then. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal.

Dengue Fever

Essay On Dengue Fever. ESSAY ON DENGUE FEVER OUTLINES ( words) Introduction History and prevalence of dengue in different countries Symptoms Causes Treatment Conclusion Nowadays many people suffer from dengue.1/5(1).

Essay On Dengue Fever

DENGUE FEVER 3 Dengue Fever Dengue is a mosquito borne infection that in recent years has become an international concern. It occurs in most tropical and subtropical areas of the world, mostly in urban and semi-urban areas, although in Florida had a case, the first in 40 years.

Info about dengue essay
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