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Thesis proposals vary by department and discipline. Thesis projects are by definition original Industrial engineering thesis individualized projects. This course continues the examination of the design and analysis of controlled experiments, demonstrating how design of experiments DOE and response surface methodologies RSM are used in product optimization and process improvement.

Master's Thesis (Research Track) Degree Requirements

Topics include RF propagation modeling, fast and slow fading, modulation, demodulation, coding, and multiple access techniques. Proficiency in computer programming equivalent to CS and IE If the decision is favorable, the tentative committee becomes the thesis committee.

This course covers theoretical concepts applicable to the understanding of unique properties exhibited by electronic materials, especially by dielectrics, oxide semiconductors, ferroelectrics, pyroelectrics, piezoelectrics, magnetic, and multifunctional and multiferroic materials.

Both programs build on the industrial engineering undergraduate curriculum. IENG Occupational Safety and Health Engineering 3,0 3 This course is designed to introduce the student with the principles of safety and health hazards in industrial environment.

Carbide tool machinability of alternative titanium alloys for medical implants compared to existing alloys with adverse biocompatibility Lizan Henning Research Group: Strategic orientation toward the design and development of the supply chain for purchasing, materials, and logistics systems.

Development of elements of queuing theory. Duality and its implications. Applications include fire-resistant, ablative, fatigue-resistant, impact-resistant, and bio-based composites. Theoretical topics are introduced using mathematical treatments, including queuing theory and some random processes.

Registration requires Approval of Committee. Feasibility study and business plan for manufacturing a 3 kW-electrical solar Stirling engine and dish, for off-grid power supply units Lisha du Plessis Research Group: Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems.

Data-Intensive Analysis and Simulation for Engineers. IENG Production Planning and Scheduling 3,0 3 Analysis of some specific problem areas within the context of planning and scheduling of production activities.

Topics include full and fractional factorial designs, response surface methodology, and Taguchi methods. They use their technical skills to understand how various engineering structures work and how to apply business knowledge to increase productivity. This course covers binary and ternary phase diagrams, non-centro-symmetric crystal structures and symmetry groups, nonlinear dielectrics ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricitynonlinear magnetics, oxide wideband gap semiconductors, detectors and sensors, introduction to MEMS, radhard electonics, and spintronics technology.

Select a Subdiscipline

Moreover, the statistical package for social sciences SPSS will be introduced. If a student elects to follow the thesis option for the degree, a committee to direct the written thesis will be established.

Types of risk taking as the fundamental dimension of a class of investment decision making situations. IENG Multi-Objective Decision Making 3,0 3 Formulation of the general multi-objective programming problem, classification of multi-objective programming methods; generating Industrial engineering thesis, preference oriented methods, multiple-decision-maker methods.

Techno-economic analysis of technology for the conversion of biomass to electricity in Hessequa Municipality, aided by system dynamics modelling Research Area: The primary focus is on fiber reinforced polymer nanocomposites.Find out more information about Industrial & Systems Engineering.

Industrial and systems engineering studies methods used in the optimisation of complex engineering systems in order to improve the efficiency of engineering processes and the quality of resulting products.

How to Design and Defend a PhD Thesis; University Rankings for PhD. Degree Requirements. The Master of Science (M.S.) degree with a major in Engineering concentration in Industrial Engineering requires 34 semester credit hours, including a.

Advancing your Career with an Industrial Engineering Master’s. Industrial engineering is key to the current lean economy. This branch of engineering involves optimizing industrial processes and implementing continuous improvement methodology.

The following procedure applies to student's pursuing the thesis option in either the MSIE or MSES (IE or ITE).

With the consent and advice of the major professor, the student arrives at a tentative thesis topic. The Industrial Engineering Department offers a graduate program leading to MS and degree. Earning an MS degree is an exciting undertaking and a wonderful way to invest in your future.

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Industrial engineering thesis
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