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Throughout, is a sense of joy, wonder, and playful exploration, even when the music leans dark, as it often does on side two. So Brooklyn duo Blondes take "Synthesist", give it a steady beat, and add a harsh alloy to the keyboards.

I definitely had my part in that story. The record is divided neatly into two distinct halves. From bass to string sounds and more His best album ever. Using electronic equipment was, by accident the choice, because it was the easiest way to get all necessary basic sounds for creating a piece of music.

Armed with a MiniMoog and Revox reel-to-reel, Grosskopf set off for the West German countryside that fall and isolated himself in a home studio for almost two months to record Synthesist. Where the album veers into the ambient space clusters of "B.

Friday, February 24, Five questions to Harald Grosskopf Born in Hildesheim - Germany - on October 23rdHarald Grosskopf is one of the most active musicians of his generation.

Aldrian" in contrast twinkles with nostalgia, with gently shifting keyboard drones that seem designed to soundtrack a narrative about the benevolent wonder of outer space.

After these experiences I was not able to continue Rock Music.

I did not own any keyboard instrument, nor was I set in general to use synthesizers. The various versions on Re-Synthesist ask a simple question-- what happens when we translate these textures and ideas into the present?

Not only because of the music, also because of the psychological disconnectedness of the band. It took quite a while to accept that I was able to create music on keyboards that can be shared and liked by others.

You can imagine how many times I had to listen to it during the recording process. Between the two halves of the record, Synthesist offers a complex array of feelings and settings, Harald grosskopf synthesist blogspot it flows together and feels complete.

He eventually figured out that if he Harald grosskopf synthesist blogspot a watt light bulb near the synth, he could regulate the temperature enough to keep the instrument sounding good. My electronic drum kit is lighter than any "real" drum kits, but still heavy enough to get overweight problems on airplanes.

This image-- of new breakthroughs in sound-making technology having difficulty being used because of the of their surroundings-- is a nice snapshot of where music technology was in the days of analog electronics.

Their style had more links to the rock music I was used too. Each day my enthusiasm grew. I wrote him that I was overwhelmed. How was for you this transition from an instrument drums to another synthesizers and how the fact that you was are a drummer influenced you in the use of synthesizers?

InI was living in Berlin since one year. We almost got busted and killed by thrilled, highly nervous french cops, during the night after our last performance on french soil. Vice versa it produced, via the same cable, a trigger impulse to control the sequencers timing.

It did not touch me at all. Not being a keyboard player means limitation on one hand and being unlimited on the other. Pure, un amplified grand piano and Daniels, volume down turned, guitar amp.

German RAF terrorists had just killed a German business tycoon in french town Mulhouse, where we had performed on same day, they had found his dead corpse in a cars trunk.

It was intellectual and abstract. He wanted to be concentrated just on guitar. The audience in New York, where I performed "Synthesist" the first time after 31 years, liked it very much.

He was a classical trained musician, his mother an opera singer. In my sight - the - link to electronic music. I am able to repair "wrong" notes in time and tune with the help of modern state of the art software music machines.While it may sound like a synth-driven tour of the stratosphere on the surface, Harald Grosskopf‘s Synthesist LP is actually haunted by the ghost of Grosskopf’s estranged girlfriend and driven by the drummer’s newfound love of electronic music.

That love had a price, however: learning to deal with temperamental equipment and a rudimentary sequencer while [ ]. Feb 24,  · Five questions to Harald Grosskopf Born in Hildesheim - Germany - on October 23rdHarald Grosskopf is one of the most active musicians of his generation.

Since the 70's he can de heard on more than 95 albums of very important bands and artists such as Wallenstein, Cosmic Jokers, Ashra Tempel/Manuel Göttshing, Klaus Schulze and Walter Author: Astronauta Pinguim.

Mar 02,  · In summerHarald Grosskopf-- a drummer who lived in Berlin and had appeared on recordings by Klaus Schulze, Ash Ra Tempel, Cosmic Jokers, and others-- holed up in the apartment of a friend in Krefeld, Germany, to record his debut solo mint-body.com: Cun Cun Revival.

harald grosskopf - synthesist & v/a - re-synthesist New York’s RVNG Intl. label will reissue Harald Grosskopf’s Synthesist, a cult classic of German electronic music, on February 16, Synthesist is the debut solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers.

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Stream RVNG’s ‘Synthesist’ Reissue and Read Harald Grosskopf’s Commentary

mint-body.com It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine: Harald Grosskopf interview.

Harald grosskopf synthesist blogspot
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