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English started to be used as a common language following British expansion in the world; the British Empire needed a common language, and English was forced upon a quarter of the world. On the other hand English has confusing, unnatural spelling, which could impede many people from learning it.

English irrespective of being the mother tongues for many nations is such a language in which a huge body of literature is written.

Though there were some issues of power struggles and politics involved with the language since its colonizing period, it by no means indicates that it attempts to occupy the other lingual spaces to establish its supremacy.

After British military imperialism there has been American economic Imperialism. Another problem regarding the use of English as a global language is that it would put mother-tongue English speakers in an advantageous position; it is not easy to speak a language at the same level as your mother tongue language, as the figurative, idiomatic and connotative use of words will always be different.

Hire Writer It is used as either the official or semi-official language in more than 80 countries. How can they be motivated to learn English?

It has no polite form, has easy grammar and simple verb schemes.

English as the Lingua Franca Essay Sample

Words can be traced back to Latin, Germanic, Celtic and finally French. What about movements where there english as a lingua franca essay help strong desire to retain and express social, regional or national identities? What about countries opposed to an English-speaking country? These two have contributed very much to the spread of English as a global language.

Therefore English can be considered a common language for the languages deriving from the indo- European root. It is therefore, I think, an immature move to question the purpose and status of English as a language by associating it with political hierarchies because its contribution in unifying the world in terms of language is undeniable.

In our multilingual, multicultural, transnational world, therefore, there is a need of a common global lingual space. English, being the globally acknowledged language is often associated with certain hegemonic domination over other indigenous languages of the world.

New literatures are being produced everyday in different new genres. Get Access English as the Lingua Franca Essay Sample Translation involves the very idea of transformation of thoughts into language which is the most unifying factor among human communities. This paper is dedicated not to defend the position of English as a lingua franca but to address the various cases where the versatility of the language is misunderstood as its imperialistic motives and attempt to develop a fellow feeling for the language for what it is.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Language expresses identity and culture, thus explaining many linguistic differences. It is difficult to comprehend the many shades of meaning that a sentence could have.

A common, global language cannot permit these differences. Literature being an ideology is closely associated with social power. How to cite this page Choose cite format: An example curiously comes from within the United Kingdom itself: Genres in literature are not any recent developments.

Although English grammar is easy and the language itself is very flexible, its richness of vocabulary used words may make it very challenging to learn to a full extent.

And what about speakers of languages that do not derive from the Indo-European root? And because English has already been accepted as the common global language there is no point trying to question its position further by politically associating the wide acceptance of the language with the cannibalistic and colonizing tendencies.

Literature is born out of language and the diversity of languages in the world therefore produces different literatures with different sensibilities and cultural backdrop. In conclusion, I think that English is well on the way of becoming a global language, as there are an estimated of 2 billion speakers worldwide, it is already a standard in many aspects of international communications and more and more people are learning it every day.

More essays like this: They are disadvantaged, as this could be a barrier for other language groups. Therefore the language is instrumental not in endangering the existence and importance of indigenous languages but in crafting a healthy and easy dialogue among the different languages and cultures of the world.

English As a Global Language Essay

English has developed around many different languages and is a language that continually develops and changes. The English language has absorbed the best of these languages and cultures. It should not be forgotten that English has been serving as a brilliant connecting link among myriad of languages since ages.Should English be the world's lingua franca?

The world definitely needs a standard language and "many people feel that the only realistic chance of. Languages: Lingua Franca Essay - A language with rather humble roots, one that has been twisted and bent, one that has taken and borrowed from other languages, and one that has been the subject of much debate as to the correctness of certain usages, today English is the language that the world uses to communicate.

English as the Lingua Franca Essay Sample Translation involves the very idea of transformation of thoughts into language which is the most unifying factor among human communities. In our multilingual, multicultural, transnational world, therefore, there is a need of a common global lingual space.

English as a Lingua Franca Essay  English as a Justify the use of English language as a Lingua Franca English has become a global lingua franca, a unique linguistic situation in world history. As there is no discernible Help; Contact Us. English Language As A Lingua Franca English Language Essay.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: (), have recently been popularised in the context of English as a lingua franca. English, it is said, can be used as a language of communication without necessarily being a language of identification.

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