Effects of indoor plants on air pollution

Some particulates occur naturally, originating from volcanoes, dust storms, forest and grassland fires, living vegetation, and sea spray. While experts agree that most granite countertops emit some radon, the question is whether they do so at levels that can cause cancer.

Carbon monoxide poisoning and fatalities are often caused by faulty vents and chimneys, or by the burning of charcoal indoors or in a confined space, such as a tent. These factors are usually expressed as the weight of pollutant divided by a unit weight, volume, distance, or duration of the activity emitting the pollutant e.

The vines of the golden pothos can grow up to 40 feet in length, so some maintenance is required to avoid a plant of unmanageable size. We often hear about the dangers of outdoor air pollution that are caused by factories, automobiles, power plants, and incinerators.

They are invisible to the eye and come from common things many of us have around the house, things as innocent-seeming as furniture, copiers and printers, cleaning supplies and even dry-cleaned clothes.

At abnormally high concentrations brought about by human activities largely the combustion of fossil fuelit is a pollutant and a constituent of smog. Herding more people into clean public transit such as electric trains can also help.

The University of Colorado reports that pine trees stressed by air pollution are more susceptible to damage from pine bark beetles. Some of these are regulated in USA under the Clean Air Act and in Europe under the Air Framework Directive A variety of persistent organic pollutantswhich can attach to particulates Persistent organic pollutants POPs are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation through chemical, biological, and photolytic processes.

In addition to these conditions, less serious problems such as asthma, allergies, and infection can also be caused by indoor air pollution. Radon is a colorless, odorless, naturally occurring, radioactive noble gas that is formed from the decay of radium. As clear explanations are not always stressed in non-technical literature, care should be taken to distinguish between several forms of relevant diseases.

For some pollutants such as black carbontraffic related exposures may dominate total exposure despite short exposure times since high concentrations coincide with proximity to major roads or participation to motorized traffic.

These sources can be classified into two major categories. Anthropogenic man-made sources Controlled burning of a field outside of StatesboroGeorgia in preparation for spring planting.

Pet owners carry it around on their clothes and shed it throughout the day. This plant also packs a big punch when it comes to purifying the air. Secondary pollutants are not emitted directly. For best results, vacuum two or more times each week and wash out your filter regularly.

This colorless, odorless gas significantly raises the risk of lung cancer. Other hydrocarbon VOCs are also significant greenhouse gases because of their role in creating ozone and prolonging the life of methane in the atmosphere.

Smog is a kind of air pollution.Air pollution affects plants through various ways including acidification, eutrophication and ground-level ozone. Chemicals react with air to form compounds that cause harm to vegetation. Air pollutants, including sulfuric acid, mix with water droplets that form clouds.

The resulting acidic rain is. Indoor air pollution and poor urban air quality are listed as two of the world's worst toxic pollution problems in the Blacksmith Institute World's Worst Polluted Places report.

such as the burning of fossil fuels in vehicles, power plants and various industrial processes also generate significant amounts of aerosols. Averaged. Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution.

Health Effects of Poor Air Quality

Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution; For a full list of the causes, sources, and contaminants of indoor air quality health effects: Indoor Air Quality Pollution Sources (Contaminants) More Information.

For more information. This web site will educate the public about indoor environmental issues, including health risks and the means by which human exposures can be reduced.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) | US EPA Jump to main content. 5 houseplants for removing indoor air pollution. Melissa Breyer can cause short- and long-term health effects. They are invisible to the eye and come from common things many of us have around.

Nov 22,  · Reducing Air Pollution - ARB Programs. Research Activities. Indoor Air Quality; Program Links. Health Effects of Indoor Pollutants.

This page last reviewed November 22, Sources and Potential Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollutants. Pollutant Major Indoor Sources Potential Health Effects* Asbestos.

Effects of indoor plants on air pollution
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