Cu674 meet and welcome visitors

I am fully aware of my employment rights and responsibilities and have even guided colleagues to websites I used for research for their own learning.

I used copies of risk assessments that I had carried out and also my assessor carried out a discussion with me around this unit. It is important, however, to make sure that learners are Cu674 meet and welcome visitors to produce evidence in line with the assessment guidance.

Alongside the traditional Business and Administration units, most of the qualifications in this suite offer learners the opportunity to undertake specialist units.

By learners inserting portfolio reference numbers in the boxes provided, learners will enable the Assessor, Internal Verifier and Quality Advisor to quickly locate the evidence which learners are submitting to demonstrate their competence. Section 5 Occupational Expertise to assess performance and moderate and verify assessments 1.

They also reflect the range and depth of competence in business skills, required by individuals working in all organisations. A combination of these leads to a specific award at the relevant level.

Any centre which is intending to use this approach must first gain approval of the working environment prior to registering learners onto the course. The menu bar at the top of the page can be used to access VLE pages that have been prepared by tutors to support learning for your course.

Assessors base their judgement on a candidate s performance and decide how it compares to the national standard. If a work placement is to be used then the centre must work closely with the employer to ensure that the learner has sufficient opportunity to collect the required evidence.

How are the qualifications assessed? A maximum of four credits from Group C: A minimum of two credits from Group B: The Appeals Panel will review the case and determine whether the action that EDI has taken to resolve the case has been both sufficient and appropriate.

Business and Administration Level 2

If learners are dissatisfied with an assessment outcome, they have the right to appeal. It is not acceptable, for example, for a mock business and administration environment to be set up for learners to carry out simulated tasks. Candidates with particular requirements We recognise that some candidates will have particular requirements.

EDI qualifications are accredited on the National Qualifications Framework and are eligible for government funding. The evidence matrix The evidence matrix is designed to help with evidence collection.

The further action may include: EDI strongly recommends that the assessment and quality assurance of Business and Administration units is undertaken by assessors and internal quality assurers who have achieved, or are working towards, the appropriate assessment and quality assurance qualifications.

However, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list: The qualifications are compliant with the Qualifications Credit Framework QCFwhich means each unit will has a credit value.

Throughout the period of assessment within the units completed, A. I realise now just how much I do at work and how completing these 3 units have made me strive to achieve even higher standards within my work. A simulation, therefore, is only likely to be permissible where an additional work task, not necessarily in the individual s job role, is set to fulfil part of a unit.

A minimum of four credits from Group B: If you experience any difficulty in using the service please contact your tutor. Internal review A review of the grounds for appeal will be undertaken by the Quality Assurance Manager, together with a sector specific Quality Advisor. There is, however no requirement to take any credit from Group C.

The assessor will also ask the candidate questions based on the knowledge required to do the work to ascertain the candidates understanding of the job role. Rules of combination Every qualification on the QCF is structured through rules of combination. Each time a learner completes a unit and has signed off the evidence matrix, the assessor will be required to complete the details on the claim to competence form, i.

Seven credits must be completed from Group A:To achieve the Level 3 Diploma in Business and Administration, learners must complete a minimum of 40 credits, of which at least 27 credits must come from units at Level 3: CU Meet and welcome visitors 2 3 23 CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer services to internal customers.

To achieve the EDI Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Business and Administration, learners must achieve a minimum of twenty one credits, of which fourteen credits must be selected from Level 2 units: CU Meet and welcome visitors 2 3 23 CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers.

CU Meet and Welcome Visitors Level 2 Credit value 3 GLH 23 Aims This unit covers the procedures to follow and hospitality to offer when meeting and welcoming visitors to business premises. Learning outcomes Assessment criteria.

41 CU Handle mail CU Provide reception services CU Meet and welcome visitors CU CU Deliver, monitor and evaluate customer service to internal customers Deliver. CU Meet and Welcome Visitors Level 2 Credit value 3 GLH 23 Aims This unit covers the procedures to follow and hospitality to offer when meeting and welcoming.

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Cu674 meet and welcome visitors
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