Benefits of family friendly policies essay

In some cases, the company allows new parents of both sexes to have weeks off and still they are under pay. Especially if there is to be a public debate about the issue of family-friendly policies, you need to have not only ideas, but facts at the tip of your tongue.

In this regard, a family-friendly campus is seen as a place where financial support, safe environment, and appropriate infrastructure are provided, allowing families to socialize and build relationships between local and international faculty and staff.

The most basic thing that family-friendly workplaces do for any business is to put that business in a better position to attract women employees, to retain them, to support them, and to advance them - and in particular to advance them into the upper echelons of management.

Benefits Of Family-Friendly Policies Essay

They confer a number of advantages for the community and the society at large: This is given through the first years of life. Apart from that the companies also allows its employees to work remotely hence it affords one to work wherever he or she feels comfortable working in.

There are really two ways that government can be family-friendly. The following series of steps takes that into account.

The Business Benefits of Family-Friendly Policies

The company also gives discounts on tuition Benefits of family friendly policies essay mothers who have school going children and the children who attend day care. If family-friendly policies benefit businesses, why do some companies not offer paid leave or workplace flexibility?

You should aim for fairness in what you propose: There are some times, however, when your efforts might be particularly fruitful.

We know it requires support at the top and we appreciate how much the company cares about our families. Some are directly aimed toward family-friendly outcomes, while others may be only incidentally family-friendly.

It makes us more loyal, they said. In many cases, for either employers or government, the adoption of family-friendly policies is more than a simple decision to do things one way as opposed to another. At a minimum, employers can provide employees with updated information about local child care facilities and their fees, as well as resources about what to look for and questions to ask when parents are selecting a day care facility.

Conversely, an employer might agree to pay reduced salary over several weeks so that an employee could continue to receive at least a small regular paycheck during an unpaid leave. Granting subsidies and funding for public education are obvious ways to achieve this, but funding such services as Parents Anonymous support groups for formerly abusive parentsfamily literacy programs, WIC the Women, Infants, and Children family nutrition programand long-term elder care are equally valuable.

Because if you offer a good product or service, in a healthy, growing industry, where you are competitive, you will eventually fall behind your peers if you do not understand the central role of human capital, and, conversely, you will gain a competitive advantage if everyone in your business is treated with dignity, if you make accommodations for employees and their families, if you attract and promote and advance women so that your company derives the business advantages that come from diverse leadership.

Just recently launched, 1 Million for Work Flexibility is the first national initiative to bring people together and create a collective voice in support of work flexibility. Some of the ways it might accomplish this purpose include: Her job as a housekeeper at the hospital was hard, and that and caring for her four children always had her falling into bed exhausted at the end of the evening, only to get up at five to do it again.

Paid leave and workplace flexibility improve employee morale and productivity. Unions and other trade associations.

Family-friendly employers have more to offer new job candidates, and are thus able to recruit and hire the best.

Grass roots community groups, or groups of employees from a particular company or facility. The research on the benefits of gender diverse leadership is beyond compelling - it is overwhelming. Luz was in tears now. Often, such options as flex time and job sharing are offered only to managerial-level or white-collar workers, leaving those in lower-paying and less satisfying jobs with fewer resources, when they are often the ones who most need them.

Flextime Perhaps the most coveted benefit for working parents is flextime. Community Tool Box, This means that the workers can cater for their families and take some time off for family needs.

Such significant positive externalities illustrate the advantages of family-friendly workplace policies in America. Some companies are even taking parental leave a step further by providing reintegration programs to help ease the transition of new parents as they return to work.

The company also has a back up program for child care which is afforded to the parents. Microsoft corporation family friendly policies Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest companies in the world and it operates its business all over the world.Family-friendly employment may implement different policies to meet the needs of employees.

Including the introduction of given family leave benefits, such as marriage leave, paternity leave, parental leave, compassionate leave, special casual leave and special long leave, etc (GovHK, n.d.).

Policies of Family Friendly Companies Essay Sample

Family friendly can even be further extended to apply to individual workplaces or enterprises that offer a special abundance of family friendly practices, policies and employment benefits. Family friendly benefits can be broadly defined as benefits that are available to employees for the purpose of helping them balance work and family.

Simply put, family-friendly policies work. Pax World offers a family and medical leave policy that includes 12 weeks paid leave for new parents, which applies to maternity, paternity, adoption and foster care placement.

The other way that government at any level can be family-friendly is to encourage - by laws or other methods - family-friendly policies in business and public life in general.

Some of the ways it might accomplish this purpose include: Mandating that businesses institute family-friendly policies. The FMLA is one example. Genuinely family-friendly workplaces build a sense of community among co-workers by creating opportunities for employees' families to come together in and outside of the office.

In this essay, I Have attempted to present suggest to implementation of family-friendly policies on families, or employers both have many favorable factors, together with the Hong Kong Government and the enterprises’ efforts, this measure would allow employers and employees there will be a win-win situation.

Benefits of family friendly policies essay
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