Aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel

Within 2 to 5 weeks our representative personally takes all the notes and reads the prayer at the foot of the Western Wall.

Philanthropist opens Jerusalem’s Aish HaTorah centre

The mezuzah display, a technological achievement, comprised of dozens of LED screens that will change color and design, will also feature an educational component so visitors can learn about this important mitzvah commandment A klaf parchmenthe says, will be placed in the mezuzah by Aish HaTorah in the future and a grand opening ceremony marking this significant achievement will be held on October 3rd.

The oversized mezuzah is sponsored by the Rodsheld and Shushanna Yusopov family. History[ edit ] Notes wedged into the cracks of the Western Wall. The earliest account of the placing prayer notes into the cracks and crevices of the Western Wall was recounted by Rabbi Chaim Elazar Spira of Munkatch d.

Part of the funds paid for our services is spent on charity. Today, more than a million prayer notes or wishes are placed in the Western Wall each year. Disposal of notes[ edit ] According to Jewish law, prayer notes may not be thrown away; there is a difference of opinion as to whether they should be burned or buried.

He began designing quality kippahs, tallis bags, and accessories when he recognized a need for elegant and fashionable Judaica accessories for his exclusive customers.

Do not ask God about something ordinary or common, if you know you can handle things on your own. We look forward to affixing this Mezuzah to the doorway of the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem.

Do not wish any evil to your enemies in the notes! We send all your notes to the Kotel. Now, that location will be greatly enhanced by the presence of a glowing two-meter high mezuzah case, the largest in the world, designed and created by David Roytman Luxury Judaica.

Placing notes in the Western Wall

We send video report to your email. Tweet on Twitter Each year, thousands climb up to the rooftop of the Aish HaTorah building in the Old City of Jerusalem to enjoy the breathtaking and inspirational view of the Western Wall from seven stories above the Kotel Plaza.

They are written on a wide variety of papers, including colored paper, notebook paper and even bubblegum wrappers, using a variety of inks. Roytman says he chose the Aish HaTorah rooftop for the mezuzah because of its spectacular view and deep significance. The newspaper published the note, prompting criticism from other news sources and from the Rabbi of the Western Wall for violating the privacy that is inherent in notes placed in the Wall.

Rabbi Shmuel RabinovitchRabbi of the Western Wall, receives hundreds of letters yearly addressed to "God, Jerusalem"; he folds these letters and places them, too, in the Wall.

Send the prayer note, which would get delivered during weeks to the Western Wall of Jerusalem according to all the rules of sending such notes. Whatever you ask for, do it sincerely and openly. They include poems and Biblical verses.

General Western Wall Procedures

According to Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, Rabbi of the Western Wall and author of Minhagei HaKotel, a book of halakhot about the Western Wall, burning is a "pure" way to deal with the notes, but burying them is more honorable. And paid video reports are sent to the addressee by email. Prior to writing a note to the Kotel online you should think about what is important for you and what you wish to thank your Creator for or what is your petition.

President to visit the Wall; he also inserted a note.• The Foundation will allow use of Beyond Our Wall to Yeshivat Netiv Arieh or to Aish Hatorah in return for use of their halls by the Foundation. • No political events will. A screenshot of Aish HaTorah's Western Wall camera. A by installing a camera on a yeshiva opposite the Kotel Plaza.

The camera started filming all action live except on Shabbat and Jewish festivals. Aish HaTorah provides this service on their site.


See also. Placing notes in the Western Wall; References. It is a centuries-old tradition to place a note with a prayer or request in the Western Wall. Type in your prayer.

Send a Note

It will be printed out in the Old City of Jerusalem where it will be placed in the Wall by a student of Aish HaTorah. For an eighth year, Aish HaTorah of St. Louis partnered with the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP) to bring womenwith children under 18 years old on an eight-day journey through.

Jun 23,  · Beautiful learning facilities and meals provided. Comfortable location right in front of the Kotel. Roof top havdalah singing and dancing was very special.

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Each year, thousands climb up to the rooftop of the Aish HaTorah building in the Old City of Jerusalem to enjoy the breathtaking and inspirational view of the Western Wall from seven stories above the Kotel Plaza.

Aish hotorah writing a note to the kotel
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