A confederate viewpoint on the war of northern aggression

We are in fact, fighting for independence. If the war had been over slavery, the composition of the politicians, officers, enlisted men, and even African Americans would have been different.

What we won from the South we won by hard fighting. What They Fought For, Everyone loves him, A confederate viewpoint on the war of northern aggression no one knows him. It has spoken eloquently—albeit from an elitist perspective—of the grand themes war, love, death, conflicts of race, class, gender, and generation that have crossed continents and cultures.

Chamberlain as a religious struggle between good and evil, and calling for "redemption. In a letter to former Confederate General Robert E.

Names of the American Civil War

It is true that we are defending our slave property, but we are defending it no more than any other species of our property - it is all endangered, under a general system of robbery. Volume 6, War Becomes Revolution, —, picks up on that earlier thread in naming the conflict; but Nevins does not view Southern secession as revolutionary nor would he support Southern apologist attempts to link the war with the American Revolution of The famous English author Charles Dickens stated "the Northern onslaught upon Southern slavery is a specious piece of humbug designed to mask their desire for the economic control of the Southern states.

This is the one of thousands of ruthless attacks by Northern oppressors on unarmed civilians. Furthermore, since the New England States were responsible for the development of slavery in America, Southerners saw the morality claims by the North as blatant hypocrisy. Other large newspaper databases return similar results.

It is a historical fact that during this era there were thousands of old people living homeless on the streets in the cities of the North. King and LtCol Thomas M. As Illinois Governor Richard Yates stated in a message to his state assembly on January 2, the war had " tended, more than any other event in the history of the country, to militate against the Jeffersonian Ideal Thomas Jefferson that the best government is that which governs least.

Gone with the Wind has almost certainly done its ideological work. The Lost Cause enabled women noncombatants to lay a claim to the central event in their redefinition of Southern history.

The choice is now yours—ignore this challenge and remain a second-class citizen, or unite with your fellow Southerners and help start a Southern political revolution.

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British historian and political philosopher Lord Acton, one of the most intellectual figures in Victorian England, understood the deeper meaning of Southern defeat. In the s, Confederate memories no longer dwelled as much on mourning or explaining defeat; they offered a set of conservative traditions by which the entire country could gird itself against racial, political, and industrial disorder.

There were numerous causes for secession, but preservation and expansion of slavery was easily the most important of them. He wrote in"In pushing up the Shenandoah Valley The pensions were designed to honor the Lost Cause, and help reduce the severe poverty prevalent in the region.

Although denied the franchise, organized white women nevertheless played a dominant role in crafting the historical memory that would inform and undergird southern politics and public life.

Prior to this event there had been five times as many abolition societies in the South as in the North. This crisis had nothing to do with slavery. The freed slaves had almost 3 times as many ratio-wise!

The term resurfaced slightly in the late 20th century. If slavery had never existed --period--or had been eliminated at the time the Declaration of Independence was written in or anytime prior to it is my opinion that there would still have been a war sooner or later.

The official war records of the United States refer to this war as the War of the Rebellion. In the summer ofthe Union Captain Harry Truman was convicted of murder, arson, and larceny, and sentenced to be hanged. Lee dated November 4, Lord Acton wrote " I saw in States Rights the only available check upon the absolutism of the sovereign will, and secession filled me with hope, not as the destruction but as the redemption of Democracy.

The Confederate government avoided the term "civil war", because it assumes both combatants to be part of a single country, and referred in official documents to the "War between the Confederate States of America and the United States of America".

The Southern states set up their own pension system for veterans and their dependents, especially widows. They used slavery as a scapegoat and brought the morality claim up to a feverish pitch. This political cause ties in to the above listed efforts by New England Industrialists.May 02,  · The War of Northern Aggression Analyzed from the Confederate Viewpoint Thesis: The world today is blinded from the truth about the "Civil War" just like they are the truth of the creation vs.

evolution debate. Not only is “the War of Northern Aggression” a term that was not widely used at the time of the war, it didn’t come into wide use for nearly a century after, from the mids on. In Google’s indexing, it appears exactly once during the conflict, describing the war, not as a proper name as it is commonly seen today.

BLACK CONFEDERATES AND OTHER MINORITIES IN THE WAR OF NORTHERN AGGRESSION has 1, members. This is a public Group with documented facts of.

The War of Northern Aggression Analyzed from the Confederate Viewpoint Thesis: The world today is blinded from the truth about the "Civil War" just like they are the truth of the creation vs.

evolution debate. They're blinded in the same way as well, misleading text books. The truth is that the North, Lincoln, etc. weren't as great as they claimed to be. Compared to “War Between the States,” the “War of Northern Aggression” barely registers at all.

And note when “War Between the States” peaked — in the s and s, before leveling off since about Back to Articles Index. The 10 Causes of the War Between the States by James W.


Lost Cause of the Confederacy

Historians have long debated the causes of the war and the Southern perspective differs greatly from the Northern perspective.

A confederate viewpoint on the war of northern aggression
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